25 September 2013

Chicago - John Hancock Centre

I may have mentioned that Chicago has some very beautiful, very tall buildings, and conveniently, there are a fair few opportunities to get up those very beautiful, very tall buildings, and do what they were put there for - check out the view obvi.
[note: I can't get Shoshan's we're the ladies statement out of my head, its the obvi that does it for me, and the conviction]
Unfortunately, checking out the view can cost big, and, while I will pay out for some things, if I can get something for free (or the cost of an over priced coke) then I will take it.
Right at the top of The John Hancock Centre, all the way up at 875 North Michigan Avenue, is a bar. It is quite a scuzzy, over priced, sticky type of bar. However, it has some of the best views of the city.
There is also a Cheesecake Factory in the basement, and as visiting Brits, it was obligatory that we consumed giant desserts that would be classed as family sized at home.


  1. We'd hope to have had cocktails there too when we was on our honeymoon but ran out of times - although I have heard really mixed reviews about the cocktails. Mind you, you can't beat those views!

  2. Swoonworthy view:) I love those photos. Kisses, dear.

  3. I'm so glad you got to see my home city on a lovely, sunny day! Not quite as impressive as London...but I think Chicago architecture has a lot of appeal. And yes American portions are ridiculously large, but with cheesecake can you really get too much. ;)