19 September 2013

Chicago - part one

Last week, DT and I took a little trip to Chicago. We had an awesome time, Chicago is such a beautiful city, and no one was lying when they said that it is the city of architecture - I swear that we spent more time looking up at the beautiful skyline than looking where we were going!


I took so many pictures on this trip, so there might be a photo bomb over the next few posts!


  1. Ah I love Chicago! So pretty - and glad you got to go when it wasn't too frigid.

  2. Ah Chicago one of my two favorite cities in the world, I would so love to move there there one, it's a dream of mine! We went there for our honeymoon and totally feel in love with the place!

  3. Love and miss Chicago! I actually attended high school there and loved every minute of it! Thanks for joining the blog hop earlier this week!

    Rachel (current giveaway: free plum street phone case)