23 October 2013

Covent Garden's Back Streets

Stray off Covent Garden's main drag, and you will stumble across streets that are even more special, and gems such as Seven Dials, Neal's Yard, Kopapa, New Row Coffee and so many more I can't list them all!

see the first post in this series here.


  1. oh my gosh! i want to visit sooooooo badly!!!!

  2. I would have to agree with you about getting away from the crowds! I was wandering around Covent Garden on my second US embassy visa trip and took myself for a wander away down the backstreets, actually ended up finding the Standfords travel bookshop - totally could of spent hours in there!

  3. yes! my favourite place in London is seven dials in covent garden =) =) =)

  4. Beautiful photos! I visited London three times in college, but the last time was over a decade ago now (how did I ever get this old?? LOL). Your blog makes me want to come back! :)