14 January 2014

Amsterdam: part one

I suspect that it is very hard not to fall for Amsterdam. A beautiful, stylish, quite (that would be all the bikes) city, packed with lovely shops, delicious food and genuinely nice people...it isn't really a surprise that my Mum and I felt it necessary to take a quick trip last weekend!  
(on an entirely different note, have you entered my book giveaway? No? Why not!)


  1. this is beautiful! amsterdam is such a special place. can't wait to see more x

  2. I love these pictures. I can understand now why one of my former roommates was obsessed!
    Your photos always make me a little more determined to visit Europe one day.

  3. Ah this really makes me want to go to amsterdam soon! Looks so lovely! I think I need to get out more in London though, before I travel to another city!

    Ah thanks for wanting to be involved in the London Project! Details will be emailed to you soon!!! xxx

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous. I really want to visit Amsterdam. Two of Martinus' cousins went there last year and I hope we get an opportunity in the not too distant future. His aunt and uncle used to live there, so he's been there before.