22 January 2014

Amsterdam: part two

One of the best ways to see Amsterdam is from the canals, you get a whole different perspective on the city as you move along, low to the water, looking up at the streets above - plus it's a good option when you need a little rest because your ankle is a little bit messed up and it is cold outside!

There are lots of canal cruise companies operating in Amsterdam, we opted for Canal Bus which has a hop on hop off ticket option and a number of different lines.
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  1. I need to go there soon, it's sooo beautiful. Those houses along the canal are amazing.

  2. No doubt Amsterdam is great place, well Great blog , I really love your writing style that you are using for your posts and stuff,

  3. O I can only imagine how wonderful a boat trip around Amsterdam would be - wonderful photographs!

  4. Ah, I would LOVE to go to Amsterdam! It looks like such an incredibly cultured city.

  5. oh my goodness GORGEOUS! Amsterdam was never high on my priority list because I always assumed I'd make it there one day but I think I need to stop putting off the trip :)