10 January 2014

Southwold, Suffolk

 While in Suffolk, DT and I decided to take a trip to the seaside town of Southwold to visit the Adnams brewery, stroll along the seafront and explore the pier.

I love beach huts, the cute little wooden structures lining the seafront, painted in candy colours, promising a break from the weather and a warm cup of tea brewed over a camping stove.

Southwold Pier is something quite special. A quirky playground constructed from recycled materials and imagination, complete with homemade fairground attractions and fish and chips, I have never been anywhere quite like it! 


There is little that makes me happier than time spent looking out at the sea and the endless skies, absorbing the greatness of it all and breathing in the fresh air after months in the city. 


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  1. I LOVE beach huts lol, and as deprived as this may sound I only ever saw one for he first time last year, this post has really made me smile, the pictures are lovely & the whole beach scene has made me reminisce about a fab summer and made me look forward to the one to come x