5 February 2014

a few of my favourite things

snail mail
I have an overwhelming urge to send snail mail at the moment - it could be all the lovely postcards in Paperchase!
want a postcard from London? email your address to aprettyplacetoplay[at]gmail.com

detox tea
after the excess of Christmas, this tea is just the ticket

running memoirs
so inspirational, and look out for my review of Fat Man to Green Man in the next issue of So Lets Go Running.

simple beauty
getting up in the dark is hard, so a simplified routine is a must - Dr Jart to even out my skin, and Eight Hour lip protectant to protect from the cold.

1 comment:

  1. I love detox tea...and pukka teas in general! The detox tea, I agree, is great for when you have over indulged a little! lol

    I have been planning on sending some snail mail too! However, I think I myself am a snail as it's been weeks and I haven't even bought the card to send! hmmmm!

    Elle @ keep it simpElle :) x