13 February 2014


When you are exploring a new city it is essential to keep your energy up and start the day right, luckily Amsterdam is pretty great for breakfast - and Piqniq is one of my favourite places to gear up for the day ahead!
A cute café in the Jordaan district, Piqniq serves up delicious food that you can tailor by picking a number of small sweet and savoury dishes - just like you would if you were having a picnic!

^^ my 'American' breakfast, complete with the lightest, fluffiest donut ever ^^

^^ café cat ^^

Piqniq can be found at Lindengracht 59h, 1015 KC Amsterdam


  1. This cafe looks so adorable! I have to laugh at the "American" breakfast though. Also, what a funny way to serve eggs and bacon!

    1. I should note - when I say funny, I do like it :-)