7 February 2014


In the weeks before our trip to Amsterdam, my Mum kept saying how much she wanted to take me to a print shop that she had visited with my Dad the summer before.
We actually almost didn't make it inside Typique, the first time we went the shop was closed, and when we went back the next day it was still shut! Luckily, my Mum is a bit shameless and persuaded the kind man working there to let us interrupt his clean out and take a look around!

^^ I want this in my house ^^

^^  might have picked up the larger print for my new flat ^^

Typique can be found at Haarlemmerdijk 123, 1013 KE Amsterdam (this is a really cool street with cool cafes and boutiques, definitely worth the trip off the beaten track!)


  1. Oh wow, all those little drawers! I'd love it in my house too. What a nice little shop.

  2. I am off to Amsterdam for the first time in June! Will have to start putting together a list of must visit places :)