24 March 2014

Lets Go - Brussels, Belgium

Although London isn't in mainland Europe, I love how easy it is to get to other places - I mean, you can literally hop on a train and be in Brussels within a couple of hours! Having spent years walking passed the Eurostar terminal, muttering things about jumping on trains and escaping just for the day, my friend Becca and I finally got our acts in gear and got on a train headed for Brussels. It rained all day, but we had a blast - I can't recall many other times that I have laughed so much, or drank so much hot chocolate!


Eurostar runs a regular service to Brussels from London St Pancras from £69 return. 


  1. Some gorgeous photos, I'd love to go to Belgium one day. I hope you had a lovely time :)


  2. Never been to Brussels but it looks gorgeous! A few years ago I realised how little of Europe I've seen, I was pretty shocked at myself considering how many lovely countries are on our doorstep! I've since been to Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris and Amsterdam but still got loads to do! x

  3. you're so right, we can access so many places very easily - i'm glad you took this trip! x