31 August 2014

Birmingham Great Run - week five

How has it got to week five of training already? Week five means that next week is week six and then I'll be half way through training and counting down the days until I hit the streets of Birmingham and attempt to run 13.1 miles in a not too embarrassing time. Time flies. 

This week has been all about running, little to no (mostly no) cross training has happened because of Monday's bank holiday/post race rest day - my gym is in my office, and it always feels a bit wrong going there on a non-work day, so I didn't. The runs however, have been awesome! Properly enjoyable romps through city streets (what's up Lewisham!), picturesque parks (hey Greenwich!) and along river banks (how's it going Oxford!). Just the thought of those great runs has got me fizzing and wanting to head out and do more!

This week also heralded the first 'proper' long run of my training plan - 8 miles around Oxford. Oxford is a great city for running, mostly because you don't generally feel like you are in the city, and it was fantastic to get out and explore a bit. Even if my tummy was behaving very oddly the whole way around...that was interesting...as was the fact Nike+ decided I'd run 120 miles in a little over an hour and 20...I hadn't, it's time to get a Garmin I think! 

Technical glitches and gastric discomfort aside, I am feeling pretty strong at the moment. I have been dealing with some tightness in my calves which is really irritating - on the suggestion of Louise I've been doing lots of downward dogs to stretch things out - but that aside I feel good and like I can get to my goal of 13.1 miles.

What I did this week - 

Monday - post race rest day

Tuesday - 3 mile run

Wednesday - resting a tight calf

Thursday - a 4 mile run that Nike+ decided was much longer...

Friday - 3 mile run

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - 8 mile run that Nike+ decided was more like 120 miles...


  1. This makes me feel so lazy :) Well, I know I'm lazy, but I was just reminded that not everyone is. That last photo looks beautiful. Good luck with your calves.

  2. 120 miles ;P
    Good luck with your calves!

  3. Glad Oxford provided a pretty run! I used to love running around Port Meadow when I lived in Jericho. Now I just pound the mean streets of Headington (and up a mahoosive hill)! Ooh hope the downward dogs are helping - that's always how I can tell how tight my calves are (how much it hurts in down dog)! Good luck with your training, sounds like it's coming along well :)