17 August 2014

Bupa Great Birmingham Run - week three

This week was pretty awesome, between my first kettlebell class, *finally* making time to do some yoga, a mid-week race and a fantastic long run, I really couldn't have asked for more. All week I felt like my training plan was really coming together, and with the exception of an annoying tight calf I felt great! And even then that was sorted out with some lovely stretching and a rest day.

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted that I really wanted to learn to swing kettlebells. I loved the idea of throwing around a big weight and getting myself some guns in the process. I mean, who doesn't want toned arms?! In the office the next day I mentioned this to my colleague and it turned out the gym in our building offered a *free* class! It was awesome, hard but so awesome. I felt like a bad ass, which is exactly how I like to feel when I do any exercise - like I am the boss of my body and I am getting as much out of it as I can! Kettlebells are going to be a regular feature from now on - bring on the guns!

I *finally* managed to make a little time for yoga this week. I had been finding it really hard to make it to class over the last few weeks because of other things going on in my life, so I decided to take matters in to my own hands and did Sweaty Betty's Yoga For Runners workout in my living room. It was so great to stretch out, and I will definitely use this workout again. Sometimes you have to think a little creatively when time is not on your side.

What I did this week...

Monday - 10.18km on an exercise bike and 45 minute kettlebell class

Thursday - 4 mile run commute

Friday - 2.96 mile run commute

Saturday - REST DAY

Sunday - 7 miles getting lost in South London

What did you get up to this week?


  1. Ooh good tip on the free Sweaty Betty video! Will try this one out. My calves are tight today after my weekend run :)