10 November 2014

UK Blog Awards 2015

In my very first post I explained that I had blogged in this space before, but that I was back with some new stories.

It's true, I had. But frankly my blog was a bit rubbish back then. So, eighteen months ago I started afresh (after a long break) and A Pretty Place to Play as you know it was born!

Over the last year and a half this blog has evolved in to a space that I am immensely proud of. It is a diary of my life, reflections on my passions, and a record of my evolution as a runner. It is a daily reminder that life is better when you live with a positive outlook. It pushes me to reflect on what I have achieved and question what I could do next. It's helped me realise what I am capable of.

So, all of this in mind, I am very proud to say that A Pretty Place to Play is up for a couple of awards in the lifestyle and health categories at the UK Blog Awards 2015! 

It would be amazing to have your votes for either category (or both!) - 

vote HERE for lifestyle


vote HERE for health

Thanks a million for continuing to support A Pretty Place to Play! 

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