8 December 2014


My life is pretty busy. I blog, write for We Heart Living (check out my new marathon blog!) and So Let's Go Running, work full-time, run and occasionally like to have a bit of a social life. If I want to fit it all in I've got to be smart with my time!

As adults we'll face around 25,000 mornings - and we all know that mornings can be rough! I know that I've spent more mornings than I care to think about stumbling around, chugging coffee and feeling way more rushed than I would like! Not a good start to the day, and one that often sets the tone - if I start my day in chaos it's guaranteed to affect my mood and drag down the rest of my day.

All of that is enough to put anyone off mornings. But for a busy person the early hours can be a gift! Waking up early can be an opportunity to eat a proper breakfast a fuel up for a busy day. It can give you time to ease in to your day and help manage stress, and it can be a great time to deal with all those little tasks that you put off because you're 'too busy' but then nag you and add to your stress!

Knowing how busy my life is Free Office Finder challenged me to get up early and see if I could use my time a little better, get a bit more out of life, and maybe loose a little stress along the way. So, for one week I set my alarm a little earlier (5.45am!) and refused to hit snooze just to see what might happen...


Easing myself in to the week with a good book was a lovely start. It was easy to crawl out of bed and on to the sofa where I snuggled up to read with a cup of tea for half an hour. After this start it was impossible not to be calm for the rest of the day!


Deadline day for We Heart Living. I'd had serious writers block all Monday evening, it was so frustrating! The half hour I grabbed in the early hours meant I had the opportunity to review my work and iron some bits out. I finished feeling super productive, and much happier with my work!


Although I'd set aside this week as a rest before marathon training commenced I still wanted to fit in a bit of activity - and plankin' in my pyjamas was the perfect solution! My core ached all day, and activity got my blood pumping for the day ahead! 


** Top Secret Christmas Shopping**

The morning after my work Christmas part, and it was a little tough to haul myself out of bed, but taking the time to ease myself awake and check something off my to do list made me feel a lot better!


45 minutes of Rock the Barre at GymBox on Thursday night shredded my legs, so I took the opportunity to stretch out, oh and fit in a few more planks! After a long week I was pretty tired (so no pictures - I forgot!), but a little morning exercise was a great pick me up which got me through a full day of training at work!

So how was my week of refusing to hit snooze? Pretty good actually! While it was hard to haul myself from my comfy bed, once I did it felt good to get up and be productive! There's real satisfaction in ticking something off your to do list before you brush your teeth, and taking some time for myself first thing really did take the edge off the rest of the day! 

top tips for early birds

Getting up early isn't easy, especially in winter, so here are my top tips if you want to be an early bird too!

- decide the night before what you want to achieve, it's easier to get up if you have a plan!

- take the time to get in to a routine - for the first few days you might not hit your groove, so allow a little extra time

- be prepared - the point is to relax, you don't want to be rushing round after your nice calm breakfast trying to pack your gym bag and find your socks, get it sorted the night before!

- be realistic - don't try to do too much, at least not until you're used to your early starts.

- relax and enjoy it!

Are you an early bird? If not, are you up for the #earlybirdchallenge?!


  1. I've started getting up earlier in the last few months. My alarm goes at 6 and I'm up and in the shower by 6.15. This gives me time afterwards to meditate for 10 minutes before anyone else gets up or before I get carried away thinking about my day ahead. At first I couldn't be bothered and saw it was a waste of time but now I feel a bit off if I don't do it! I love your idea of getting up at 5.45 and then reading a book with a brew - I can't think of a better way to start the day!

  2. I like being an early bird now!