12 December 2014

The Wonder List

I come across a lot of cool running stuff, and I'm always thinking to myself 'I should totally share that on the blog'. Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way, and the posts don't happen. So, in an effort to share the love I've nicked an idea of Leah - she calls hers The Run Down, mine is called The Wonder List...they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

So, here's some of the cool stuff I've come across lately...

Trion:Z Duo-Loop

I was sent the Trion:Z Duo-Loop to try out. A sports health bracelet, Trion:Z works by increasing circulation and boosting the flow of oxygen through the body. Apparently this can help improve endurance levels and reduce aching after training. 

I have to say I was pretty intrigued as to whether it would work. It's pretty difficult to judge the impact of devices like this, but the fact I could still walk after a workout at Frame was a good sign - normally I'd be aching for days! My overall sense of well being has also been right up there since I started wearing the Trion:Z Duo-Loop, but it could be that I'm just in a good mood!


I have a difficult relationship with planks. I've never liked them. From time to time I've even been witnessed saying I'd rather do 20 burps than a single plank. Plus earlier this year I crunched my back jumping over someone's arms (best not to ask), which has affected nothing except my ability to hold a plank. 

However, with marathon training underway it's time to face my fears, and when coach George Anderson suggested I join his 14 day plankton challenge I took a deep breath and jumped on board!

The set up is great - sign up and you get daily emails from George and helpful video instructions to make sure you get the technique just right!

To be honest my commitment to this challenge has been patchy. I keep forgetting. So I probably need to start over. No excuses really, it's only 5 minutes a day...


I'm not a massive fan of protein shakes. I don't like milkshakes so forcing one down after a long run is the last thing I want to do. But I do like that protein can help my poor muscles recover that little bit quicker. I also like smoothies, so when I heard about Juiven8 I got a little bit excited.

A blend of fruit juice, real fruit, coconut water and 12 grams of whey protein, Juiven8 is a low fat, fruit-based alternative to traditional shakes that's available in two flavours - blackcurrant, acai and mango, pineapple. 

I tried both and to be honest the best I can say is that they were ok. There was a slightly bitter taste to both flavours and an odd grainy texture - which I imagine is the whey protein. It was a real disappointment as I'd been looking forward to a solution to my milkshake issues, but as Juiven8 is so new to the market it's possible the formula will improve over time.

Helly Hansen The Winter Duel

The Winter Duel is a fab little app from Helly Hansen which encourage you to get out and brave the cold by throwing some friendly competition in to the mix! 

A 'winter duel' is a five week competition between you and an opponent and each week, the winner gets social media bragging rights. Challenge friends, strangers, Helly Hansen ambassadors or even an Olympic athlete to a dual and see who'll be the victor - nothing beats a little competition to keep training interesting!

As well as encouraging you to out run your friends, the app tracks distance, time, weather data and route maps - so is a great way to log your activity.

Let me know if you're up for a duel!

what cool stuff has hit your radar lately?

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