21 January 2015

What I Ate - Deliciously Ella

I've mentioned before that one of my intentions this year is to put the concept of nourishment front and centre in my food choices and I can't begin to explain how big a difference it's made. Eating well has given me so much energy, I feel fuller for longer and I've actually gone off eating junky crap - yep, virtually no cravings!

There are no strict rules when it comes to my approach, all that's important is that the food I'm eating is natural and nourishing. Now, I'm not an amazing cook, and I'm definitely not very creative when it comes to food, so I've been seeking inspiration from some fantastic healthy foodies and trying out lots of recipes. This week it's been all about Deliciously Ella!

It's fair to say that I eat a lot of sweet potatoes, at least one meal a day seems to include them and these spicy potato cakes were a great way to mix up the routine. I served my potato cakes with spinach, avocado and a fried egg for a protein hit - it was delicious! The only tweak I made to the recipe was to leave the cakes in the oven just a little bit longer.

Ella wasn't lying when she called this the perfect stir fry, it's a fantastic veggie packed feast that takes minutes to put together. The portions were absolutely massive (although that could have been the giant veggies that Sainsbury's seems to think people want) and I loved the tamari and tahini sauce, the flavours all together were so comforting and delicious. I skipped the noodles and served my stir fry topped off with a fried egg (if in doubt, add a fried egg!). 

Another huge plate of delicious veggies! I overcame my fear of handling unprepared beetroot for this one (and escaped without pink fingers!). I loved the combination of sweet potato and beetroot with the tangy dressing, and sprouts are always a good bet!

This cannellini bean stew is the fastest food ever, seriously you just bung it all in a pot and heat it up! I served mine with sausages from The Black Farmer and it was delicious!

all images via Deliciously Ella.

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  1. Ooh yum! I met Ella at Fare Healthy this weekend just gone - I felt like a bit of a geeky fan! Her recipes are mostly pretty easy though, like you say, which is what I love :)