16 January 2015

What I Ate - Nourish

This year I'm on a quest to eat better, a quest to nourish myself. Eating good food makes me feel good, it compliments my training and it helps me keeping going even through the longest days. I love the taste of fresh veggies and nutritious snacks, I always have - my Mum recalls me preferring prunes at herbal tea before I'd even left primary school. But sometimes things slip, I succumb to my sugar cravings, or life gets busy and I rely on pre-packaged meals with the belief they're not that different to real food (they totally are). 

So, in a bid to look after myself and feel awesome all the time I've been trying out some of the great healthy recipes that are out there. This week it's been all about Lorna Jane Clarkson's recipe book Nourish
I'm a massive fan of Lorna Jane, I love the ethos behind the brand, it mirrors how I aim to live my life and how it's relentlessly positive in it's outlook (plus the gear is pretty gorge too!), it's all about feeling good in the truest sense. Nourish is no different. The book is packed with amazing healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as healthy smoothies, Lorna Jane's signature elixirs and delicious snacks. The food's sunny, you can feel it doing you good, you can feel it nourishing you.

As well as recipes there's tonnes of advice from Lorna Jane about how to eat well and look after yourself. It's easy to fill your store cupboard with 'health' food, but if your not balancing your diet, thinking about portion sizes, making sure you drink enough water and doing all that other good stuff you're not going to feel as amazing as you could! What's great is that this isn't faddy advice. Lorna Jane is clear that she is not a fan of diets or silly regimes, she's all about good, locally sourced food cooked in your kitchen which tastes great!

So, the recipes! Now, I'm no cook, I get by, but I'm not culinary at all. Luckily all the recipes I tried from Nourish proved to be fail safe - there was not one mess up (and I am good at messing up recipes!).  I was so proud of myself for producing veggie lasagna that provided lunch for days, a delicious stir fry full of exotic veggies that slightly intimidated me, and a salad that fused the unlikely combination of sprouts, pears and goats cheese. All of it was delicious, and the macro breakdown for each recipe reassured me that I was doing my body good - which was the aim of the game!

Nourish has definitely inspired me on my journey to eating better, it's a book I'm sure I'll turn to time and again (plus I can't wait to try Lorna Jane's newest book Clean and Simple Eating  which I'm sure will give me yet more inspiration to nourish my body and get the most out of life!).

Lorna Jane is available at House of Fraser.

*The team at House of Fraser have been telling me all about Lorna Jane, but I purchased Nourish myself and all opinions are my very own* 

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  1. Sounds great! I've been really enjoying the Hemsley + Hemsley book which I got for Christmas - I'm also one to mess recipes up but haven't messed one of these up yet!