9 February 2015

Paris Marathon Training - week nine

Nine weeks down, nine weeks to go! 

I've reached the half way point in marathon training. More weeks have passed than there are to go...nine weeks today and the marathon will be over. It's a pretty intense thought. Let's push that one aside and focus on the week that's just passed. That's far more manageable. 

My body has started to feel more tired this week. My legs are aching and how ever much I stretch I still can't quite hit the spot. It's scary, the last thing I want is to over do things and get injured. Probably a good thing I have a massage booked in for later this week (discovering a sports massage therapist makes visits to my office was the best thing ever!).

^ picture theived from the lovely Jen ^

As always the highlight of my week was not anything I did, but who I did it with! On Tuesday I hit the gym for arms, abs and stretches with Becca and Cara. I could tell you a funny story about synchronised gym grunts (you know the noises I'm talking about), but I don't want to embarrass anyone. But if you do want to know come run with me and the rest of the crew at Lululemon on Wednesday! Leading these lovely people through the streets of London is so much fun. This week it was a particular honour to lead one woman on her very first run! No pressure! Our runner did wonderfully and should be super proud of herself! Everyone else was awesome as always :)

Not having enough hours in the day has been a bit of a challenge lately. My workout cheat is to hop on a treadmill. I used to be so rude about treadmills, but actually they're a great way to get some miles in when you don't have a lot of time (or the weather is crap). I find I get more bang for my buck as I can push myself more, and the odd intervals session keeps things interesting. On Thursday I got in 4 miles, and on Friday a solid 7, which suggests I'm either crazy or super resilient. I expect it's both.

I've reached an odd point in my training where 10 miles doesn't feel like a big deal (how obnoxious does that sound?!). Which is how I found myself messaging Elle late on Saturday night to sort out a long run at the eleventh hour. All was well in the end as we trotted around South London on a sunny Sunday morning, breaking up our run with a pit stop at Waitrose for snacks. All very leisurely, and exactly what my tired body needed. 

Miles run to Paris - 171


  1. Pit stop at waitrose...cos Elle got hungry. But she learnt that a protein shake (with water) and one banana (not two) was not enough fuel for the distance. The flapjack went down well mid run though! The nut bar was perfect for my post run walk home and the rice cakes I had after dinner! Lol ;) x

  2. Hi Bethan, I've been meaning to ask how your training is going! I am in a similar place - feeling tired and heavy legs, even though last week was a cut-back week, yet also loving that a 8-10 mile midweek run feels short. :) I need to make it to one of the Wednesday evening lulu runs! Can we leave a bag in the shop while we run?

  3. I'm feeling tired too at the moment, got a cutback week next week in prep for Brighton Half which I'm really looking forward to. My legs will thank me for the rest! Great week's training Bethan, keep it up! And amazing on leading that lady on her first ever run, I wanna start leading running groups, just need to get my LiRF first!

  4. Sounds like training is going well! Keep it up! x