17 March 2015

Marathon Tips - Mo Farah

Paris will be my first marathon. It's a daunting prospect. Thankfully some pretty awesome people have agreed to share their top tips with me (and you!) as I work out how to run 26.2!

This week, Mo Farah (!) - 

It's all about training, train well and get the long runs in. 

Don't set your goals too high, just go out and say 'what can I do?'. Don't put pressure on yourself, just see what you can do.

Check out tips from other marathoners here. What are your top tips?

*Many thanks to Vitality Run Series for letting me in the same room as Mo and letting me ask questions. Mo Farah spoke as the official ambassador for the Vitality North London Half Marathon, the ’Stadium to Stadium Half'. The event is the latest instalment in the Vitality Run Series.*


  1. Actually - such simple words but so very true!! It has made me want to give the Couch to 5k app a rest for a change and just see if I can simply run, run without the pressure of a time limit, without wondering when I can start walking again and just go at my own pace! What an amazing opportunity, am slightly jealous! Mo is awesome! Thank you for your lovely, inspiring comment on my blog too, very much appreciated! :) xx