3 June 2015

Home Town Rules (Competition)

 There's something about running in your home town. You go home for the holidays and amongst all the relatives and celebrations you sneak out, usually in the early hours, for a few miles around quite streets, rediscovering familiar places and unearthing old memories. It's pretty special, but what's even more special is a race in your home town. 

I've run around Oxford a lot, but I've never run a race in the city. Last year the Vitality Oxford Half Marathon clashed with Birmingham Great Run, so this year I was committed to getting myself booked in early to run one of my favourite distances in one of my favourite places on Sunday 11 October 2015. I am unbelievably excited. The route takes in some of the city's most beautiful sights and I can guarantee there'll be great support as both the Town and the Gown line the streets. 

Now here's the exciting bit (yep, even more exciting), the lovely people at Vitality Oxford Half Marathon want one of you to come and join me in Oxford as we take to the streets for 13.1 miles! 

The competition will run for one week from today and is open to everyone. You'll need to get to Oxford, but I am more than happy to play tour guide!


  1. What a great giveaway! I love the idea of running in my hometown although I'm not sure where I'd consider that to be! There's a race just up the road from my parents at Wimpole Estate (National Trust) which looks quite fun: http://hoohaah.co.uk/2015-entry/wimpole-half-marathon-4th-october/ :)

  2. Ooh, tempting giveaway! Race date is just 2 weeks before Bristol to Bath marathon, taper?! Best thing about running in hometown (Edinburgh) - the hills! x

  3. Its easy! The people are friendly and always say hello when you run past!

  4. Best thing about running in my hometown of Bristol is that even though you run so close to the city centre, it doesn't feel like it - as there are so many waterways and towpaths to run along that you can run virtually traffic free for hours :)

  5. The country side, the hills the beautiful villages Love it

  6. Yay for Oxford running. It's such a pretty place to run, but I'm biased too! I'll be there supporting this race, but I don't think I will run it this year :) x