26 January 2016

PSA: Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free

*This is a Public Service Announcement*

[insert siren noises]

[stands up. dances. back to writing] 

Sweaty Betty has done a great job over the last few years getting women in to it's stores and working out. Yes the cynical amongst you could dismiss it as a cunning marketing ploy (and yes, when I go to their classes I can often be found stroking leggings), but these are great quality classes and times that are convenient for a lot of people, in quality locations for free. How quickly the classes book up is a testament to their success. You know when you go to one of these classes you're going to get a great workout, with a trained instructor and no hard sell. I think it's brilliant, especially with the creeping cost of workouts at the moment. 

While in any given week you can try you hand at all sorts of different workouts in store, every so often the team put together something really special. It's called Get Fit 4 Free. Over the years Sweaty Betty has teamed up with amazing studios to offer bespoke workouts for free in their stores and online (win for people with crazy diaries!). 

This time around it's the turn of London-based studio 1Rebel who bring to the table (or should that be ring?) a boxing-inspired workout christened Rumble. A high intensity calorie burning workout with a variety of shadow boxing techniques, adrenaline pumping cardio and core-sculpting conditioning. No gloves required.

Now life means I wasn't able to make it along to Sweaty Betty last week to give the workout a go (but woop for the video online!! As soon as I am not totally exhausted I will be all over it kicking and punching like a mad thing), but the lovely and wonderful Elle Linton did, so I got her to give me her feedback: 

Okay. So. It was a killer. [insert crying emojis] but Mila (the instructor) and the music got us through it! There were three different rounds based on MMA, cardio etc with each round between 3 and 4 minutes making it manageable. The moves built up progressively giving you the time to get the hang of it before you added another layer on so it's suitable for everyone! 

From all the smiling (sweaty) faces on Instagram afterwards I think it was a hit! 

Sign up is open on the Sweaty Betty website and the video is live for you to try at home.

*all images via Sweaty Betty - this is not a sponsored post...I just like free workouts*

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