14 February 2016

28 Days of Love

Project Love are hi-jacking Valentine's Day this year. 

They're making it all about you. 

You see, they reckon that rather than focusing all your attention on those you love/fancy/want to jump the bones of, you should be turning that love back around on yourself...hear them out....

From the dawn of forever, women are taught that love comes from someone else (usually a man, if we're applying a binary gender ideology with Anglo historical reference...sorry, still in essay mode), but is that really the healthiest way of looking at things? I don't think so, and nor does Project Love. So turn the tables, make this Valentine's all about yourself and get involved in a little self love. 

Self love goes beyond bubble baths and chocolates and wine (although we really like wine). It's about taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and happiness, because when you do that and become the source of love in your life, AMAZING things happen. 

In the words of Ru Paul "if you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?". Ru Paul speaks a world of truth.

No matter what stage your at (single, dating, married, a parent etc etc) self love can really add some oomph to your life. it's the magic that keeps love flowing in your relationships and makes you that sparkly special person. 

Sooooo....self love could sound like a lot of work. But fear not, Project Love has your back. For the next 28 days they'll be sending out little nuggets of self love wisdom to help you develop a daily practice of self love that comes so naturally it is like brushing your teeth. 

I'll be playing along. 

To sign up/find out more go here

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